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  1. Acute lung injury is a major cause of death in sepsis. Tofacitinib (TOFA), a JAK inhibitor, has anti-inflammatory activity in autoimmune diseases, but its role in acute lung injury in sepsis remains unclear. T...

    Authors: Xinxin Zhang, Xingsheng Wang, Li Sun, Guangsheng Gao and Yun Li
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2023 20:5
  2. Inflammation is present in neurological and peripheral disorders. Thus, targeting inflammation has emerged as a viable option for treating these disorders. Previous work indicated pretreatment with beta-funalt...

    Authors: Stephanie Myers, Kelly McCracken, Daniel J. Buck, J. Thomas Curtis and Randall L. Davis
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2023 20:4
  3. Pulmonary fibrosis (PF) is a serious and often fatal illness that occurs in various clinical settings and represents a significant unmet medical need. Increasing evidence indicates that neutrophil extracellula...

    Authors: Suyan Yan, Meiqi Li, Baocheng Liu, Zhenzhen Ma and Qingrui Yang
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2023 20:2
  4. Immune dysregulation has been identified as a critical cause of the most common types of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). Notably, the innate and adaptive immune responses under physiological conditions are typ...

    Authors: Ali Saeedi-Boroujeni, Daryush Purrahman, Ali Shojaeian, Łukasz A. Poniatowski, Fatemeh Rafiee and Mohammad-Reza Mahmoudian-Sani
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2023 20:1
  5. Hypercoagulable state and thromboembolic complications are potential life-threatening events in COVID-19 patients. Our previous studies demonstrated that SARS-CoV-2 infection as well as viral spike protein exp...

    Authors: Tapas Patra and Ranjit Ray
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:28
  6. Abnormal and deregulated skin wound healing associated with prolonged inflammation may result in dermal fibrosis. Since the current therapeutic strategies revealed unsatisfactory, the investigation of alternat...

    Authors: Francesca Lombardi, Francesca Rosaria Augello, Serena Artone, Blerina Bahiti, Jenna Marie Sheldon, Maurizio Giuliani, Maria Grazia Cifone, Paola Palumbo and Benedetta Cinque
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:27
  7. The heterodimer interleukin (IL)-17A/F is elevated in the lungs in chronic respiratory disease such as severe asthma, along with the pro-inflammatory cytokine tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α). Although IL-17A/F...

    Authors: Anthony Altieri, Hadeesha Piyadasa, Mahadevappa Hemshekhar, Natasha Osawa, Breann Recksiedler, Victor Spicer, Pieter S Hiemstra, Andrew J Halayko and Neeloffer Mookherjee
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:26
  8. Features of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can coexist in the same patient, in a condition termed asthma– chronic obstructive pulmonary disease overlap (ACO). ACO is heterogeneous cond...

    Authors: Yong Suk Jo, Chin Kook Rhee, Hyoung Kyu Yoon, Chan Kwon Park, Jeong Uk Lim, Tai Joon An and Jung Hur
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:25

    The Correction to this article has been published in Journal of Inflammation 2023 20:3

  9. Acute lung injury (ALI) arises from sepsis or bacterial infection, which are life-threatening respiratory disorders that cause the leading cause of death worldwide. 5-Methoxyflavone, a methylated flavonoid, is...

    Authors: Panqiao Liang, Linxin Wang, Sushan Yang, Xiping Pan, Jiashun Li, Yuehan Zhang, Yueyun Liang, Jing Li and Beixian Zhou
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:24
  10. The chemokine receptor CXCR2 and its ligands, especially CXCL8, are crucial mediators for the progression of liver inflammation and liver failure in sepsis. Neutrophils have the highest CXCR2 expression in mi...

    Authors: Na Liu, Michael Bauer and Adrian T. Press
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:23
  11. The behavior of neutrophils is very important for the resolution of inflammation and tissue repair. People have used advanced imaging techniques to observe the phenomenon of neutrophils leaving the injured or ...

    Authors: Qichao Xu, Wenqi Zhao, Mingyang Yan and Hongxia Mei
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:22
  12. Obesity and insulin resistance (IR), the key features of metabolic syndrome, are closely associated with a state of chronic, low-grade inflammation. Bariatric surgery leads to a considerable reduction in the a...

    Authors: Sara Coletta, Elisabetta Trevellin, Marisa Benagiano, Jacopo Romagnoli, Chiara Della Bella, Mario Milco D’Elios, Roberto Vettor and Marina de Bernard
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:21
  13. Macrophages are effector cells of the innate immune system that undergo phenotypical changes in response to organ injury and repair. These cells are most often classified as proinflammatory M1 and anti-inflamm...

    Authors: Aneta Stachowicz, Rakhi Pandey, Niveda Sundararaman, Vidya Venkatraman, Jennifer E. Van Eyk and Justyna Fert-Bober
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:20
  14. Cancer is a complex pathological disease and the existing strategies for introducing chemotherapeutic agents have restricted potential due to a lack of cancer cell targeting specificity, cytotoxicity, bioavail...

    Authors: Sara Socorro Faria, Anuruddika Jayawanthi Fernando, Vladmir Cláudio Cordeiro de Lima, Adriano Giorgio Rossi, Juliana Maria Andrade de Carvalho and Kelly Grace Magalhães
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:19
  15. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a major health issue resulting in significant mortality worldwide. Due to the high heterogeneity and unclear pathogenesis, the management and therapy of COPD are...

    Authors: Xuanqi Liu, Zheng Li, Yang Zheng, Wenhao Wang, Peiqing He, Kangwei Guan, Tao Wu, Xiaojun Wang and Xuelin Zhang
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:18
  16. Pyroptosis was implicated in acute lung injury (ALI). Disulfiram is reported as an effective pyroptosis inhibitor by inhibiting gasdermin D(GSDMD). However, the function of pyroptosis executor GSDMD and treatm...

    Authors: Jiping Zhao, Hong Wang, Jintao zhang, Fuwei Ou, Junfei Wang, Tian Liu and Jinxiang Wu
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:17
  17. Chronic inflammation and oxidant/antioxidant imbalance are two main pathological features associated with lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced acute lung injury (ALI). The following study investigated the protecti...

    Authors: Hongling Yin, Yajing Feng, Yi Duan, Shaolin Ma, Zhongliang Guo and Youzhen Wei
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:16
  18. With the incidence of hypertension increasing worldwide, more and more the mechanisms of hypertension from the perspective of immunity have found. Intestinal microbiota as well as its metabolites relationship ...

    Authors: Ze-Jun Yang, Tian-Tian Wang, Bo-Ya Wang, Han Gao, Cheng-Wei He, Hong-Wei Shang, Xin Lu, Ying Wang and Jing-Dong Xu
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:14
  19. Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) has been reported to be the main receptor for SARS-CoV-2 infection of host cells. Understanding the changes in bronchoalveolar epithelial cells after SARS-CoV-2 infection...

    Authors: Zhiqin Deng, Qin Li, Yongshen Li, Zhenhan Deng, Xiaoqiang Chen, Zhe Zhao, Guganghui Wang, Daping Wang, Jianquan Liu and Wencui Li
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:13
  20. Macrophages play a central role in inflammation by phagocytosing invading pathogens, apoptotic cells and debris, as well as mediating repair of tissues damaged by trauma. In order to do this, these dynamic cel...

    Authors: Nicole Brace, Ian L. Megson, Adriano G. Rossi, Mary K. Doherty and Phillip D. Whitfield
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:12
  21. Serous ovarian carcinoma is the most common type of ovarian carcinoma. Tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) promote ovarian cancer progression. Most macrophages are generated by monocyte differentiation. Lysoph...

    Authors: Ying Feng, Meizhu Xiao, Guangming Cao, Hao Liu, Yanfang Li, Shuzhen Wang, Stan Zijtveld, Bert Delvoux, Sofia Xanthoulea, Andrea Romano, Chongdong Liu and Zhenyu Zhang
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:11
  22. Severe sepsis and its subsequent complications cause high morbidity and mortality rates worldwide. The lung is one of the most vulnerable organs sensitive to the sepsis-associated inflammatory storm and usuall...

    Authors: Shuai Mao, Jian Lv, Meng Chen, Ningning Guo, Yu Fang, Jingjing Tong, Xianghu He, Gang Wu and Zhihua Wang
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:9
  23. Influenza A virus (IAV) triggers acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (AECOPD), but the molecular mechanisms remain unclear. In this study, we investigated the role of IAV induced NLRP3 ...

    Authors: Shuang Ji, Meng-Yuan Dai, Yun Huang, Xiang-Chun Ren, Meng-Long Jiang, Jin-Ping Qiao, Wen-Ying Zhang, Yuan-Hong Xu, Ji-Long Shen, Ren-Quan Zhang and Guang-He Fei
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:8
  24. Long-term inhalation of cigarette smoke is considered to be one of the main causes of bronchial epithelioid cell damage, but its underlying mechanism has to be further clarified.

    Authors: Wei Zhang, Yibin Zhang and Qi Zhu
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:7
  25. Behçet’s disease (BD) is a multisystem autoinflammatory disease characterised by mucosal ulceration, ocular, neural, joint and skin inflammation. The cause of BD is not known but there is a strong genetic asso...

    Authors: Mariam Murad, Liying Low, Matthew Davidson, Philip I. Murray, Saaeha Rauz and Graham R. Wallace
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:5
  26. It has been reported that hsa_circRNA_100833 (identified as circFADS2) and miR-133a play opposite roles in LPS-induced cell apoptosis, which contributes to the development of sepsis. This study was carried out...

    Authors: Fang Niu, Xiaofeng Liang, Jindi Ni, Zhuye Xia, Lijing Jiang, Hong Wang, Hongjie Liu, Guofeng Shen and Xiang Li
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:4
  27. A hydro ethanol extract of the stem bark of Holarrhena floribunda (HFE) has been shown to be effective in the management of acute inflammation. This study was to evaluate usefulness of the extract for the managem...

    Authors: Stephen Antwi, Daniel Oduro-Mensah, Jerry Asiedu-Larbi, Ebenezer Oduro-Mensah, Olga Quasie, Clara Lewis, David Darko-Obiri, Augustine Ocloo and Laud Kenneth Okine
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:3
  28. Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a syndrome characterized by rapid loss of excretory function of kidney. Both exercise and some diets have been shown to increase silent information regulator (SIRT1) expression lea...

    Authors: Nazanin Sabet, Zahra Soltani, Mohammad Khaksari and Alireza Raji-Amirhasani
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:2
  29. TRIP6 is a zyxin family member that serves as an adaptor protein to regulate diverse biological processes. In prior reports, TRIP6 was shown to play a role in regulating inflammation. However, its in vivo role...

    Authors: Yun Yang, Xiu-Ming Li, Jing-Ru Wang, Yan Li, Wen-Long Ye, Yi Wang, Yu-Xuan Liu, Zhi-Yong Deng, Wen-Juan Gan and Hua Wu
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2022 19:1
  30. Studies have shown that ginsenoside R3 (Rg3) plays a protective role in sepsis-induced organ injuries and mitochondrial dysfunction. Long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) taurine-upregulated gene 1 (TUG1) is regarded as...

    Authors: Pan Wu, Xiao Yu, Yue Peng, Qian-Lu Wang, Long-Tian Deng and Wei Xing
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2021 18:31
  31. Excessive autophagic activity in alveolar epithelial cells is one of the main causes of acute lung injury (ALI), but the underlying molecular mechanism has not been fully elucidated. Previous studies have show...

    Authors: Hao-Yu Tan, Bei Qing, Xian-Mei Luo and Heng-Xing Liang
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2021 18:29

    The Correction to this article has been published in Journal of Inflammation 2021 18:30

  32. Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a major cause of the development of progressive chronic kidney disease (CKD), while the mechanism is still unknown. LncRNA PVT1 contributes to kidney injury. This study aimed ...

    Authors: Yingwei Chang, Chunmei Liu, Jing Wang, Jing Feng, Yulan Chen, Mufang Qi and Yaguang Guo
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2021 18:27
  33. Chronic periodontitis is associated with an increased risk for systemic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. During chronic periodontitis, endotoxin (lipopolysaccharide, LPS) ...

    Authors: Ying Gu, Veena Raja, Hsi-Ming Lee, Houlin Hong, Glenn Prestwich and Maria E. Ryan
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2021 18:26
  34. Severe sepsis, a major health problem worldwide, has become one of the leading causes of death in ICU patients. Further study on the pathogenesis and treatment of acute kidney injury (AKI) is of great signific...

    Authors: Fei Gao, Mingjiang Qian, Guoyue Liu, Wanping Ao, Dahua Dai and Cunzhi Yin
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2021 18:25
  35. Acute tonsillitis represents one of the most frequent reasons patients seek primary medical care and otorhinolaryngology consultation. Therefore, recurrent episodes of acute tonsillitis (RAT), also called chro...

    Authors: Christoph Spiekermann, Alicia Seethaler, Annika McNally, Markus Stenner, Claudia Rudack, Johannes Roth and Thomas Vogl
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2021 18:24
  36. It is well accepted that the immune system efficiently contributes to positive outcomes of chemotherapeutic cancer treatment by activating immunogenic cell death (ICD). However, only a limited number of ICD-in...

    Authors: Fangtian Fan, Peiliang Shen, Yue Ma, Wangbo Ma, Hongyan Wu, Hao Liu and Qing An
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2021 18:23
  37. Tristetraprolin (TTP) family proteins contain conserved tandem CCCH zinc-finger binding to AU-rich elements and C-terminal NOT1-binding domain. TTP is phosphorylated extensively in cells, and its mRNA destabil...

    Authors: Hsin-Hui Hsieh, Yen-An Chen, Yao-Jen Chang, Hsin-Hui Wang, Ya-Han Yu, Sheng-Wei Lin, Yin-Jung Huang, Steven Lin and Ching-Jin Chang
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2021 18:22
  38. Macrophages are indispensable regulators of inflammatory responses. Macrophage polarisation and their secreted inflammatory factors have an association with the outcome of inflammation. Luteolin, a flavonoid a...

    Authors: Shuxia Wang, Shuhang Xu, Jing Zhou, Li Zhang, Xiaodong Mao, Xiaoming Yao and Chao Liu
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2021 18:21
  39. Liver injury seriously threatens the health of people. Meanwhile, dexmedetomidine hydrochloride (DEX) can protect against liver injury. However, the mechanism by which Dex mediates the progression of liver inj...

    Authors: Xiao-Xia Gu, Xiao-Xia Xu, Hui-Hua Liao, Ruo-Na Wu, Wei-Ming Huang, Li-Xia Cheng, Yi-Wen Lu and Jian Mo
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2021 18:20
  40. The role inflammasomes play in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is unclear. We hypothesised that the AIM2 inflammasome is activated in the airways of COPD patients, and in response to cigarette smoke.

    Authors: Hai B. Tran, Rhys Hamon, Hubertus Jersmann, Miranda P. Ween, Patrick Asare, Rainer Haberberger, Harshita Pant and Sandra J. Hodge
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2021 18:19
  41. Anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) has been used as a therapeutic drug for the treatment of some human diseases. However, no systematic evidence is performed for assessing the role of VEGF in perio...

    Authors: Bo Ren, Que Feng, Shan He, Yanfeng Li, Jiadong Fan, Guangquan Chai, Le Liu, Haiyun Liu, Chunhao Yang, Yingdi Wang, Huihui Liu, Huanyue Liu and Yafan Song
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2021 18:18
  42. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is an orphan disease characterized by progressive loss of lung function resulting in shortness of breath and often death within 3–4 years of diagnosis. Repetitive lung injur...

    Authors: Afshin Ebrahimpour, Min Wang, Li Li, Anil G. Jegga, Mark D. Bonnen, N. Tony Eissa, Ganesh Raghu, Soma Jyothula, Farrah Kheradmand, Nicola A. Hanania, Ivan O. Rosas and Yohannes T. Ghebre
    Citation: Journal of Inflammation 2021 18:17

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