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Fig. 3

From: Structural and functional abnormalities of penile cavernous endothelial cells result in erectile dysfunction at experimental autoimmune prostatitis rat

Fig. 3

Purification and identification of cavernous endothelial cells. The cobblestone-like morphology of the corpus cavernosum endothelial cells (a and b). Before the sorting by immunomagnetic beads, a large number of lumps or long spindles were formed to form fibroblasts and smooth muscle cells (a left). Flow cytometry showed that 5.81 ± 0.17% of the cells were CD31 + (a right) before purification. And the proportion of CD31 + after MACS increased significantly to 95.32 ± 0.38% (b left). Almost all cells were CD31 positive (red) in the cell membrane and vWF positive (green) in the cytoplasm (c). Immunofluorescence (left) and Western blotting (right) confirmed cells after MACS lack the expression of Desmin and CD90 / Thy1 which were strongly expressed in smooth muscle and fibroblast cells (d). *p < 0.05. MACS: Magnetic-activated cell sorting VWF: Von Willebrand factor

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