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Table 1 Summary of demographic information of donor patients (OA & Normal)

From: Characterizing heterogeneity in the response of synovial mesenchymal progenitor cells to synovial macrophages in normal individuals and patients with osteoarthritis

OA Patient Age Sex Procedure Additional notes
Patient 1 43 M Right ACL reconstruction Synovitis observed
Patient 2 30 M Right ACL reconstruction Synovitis observed
Patient 3 62 F Right Knee Arthroscopy for torn lateral meniscus Patellar tendon OA & on different cancer medication
Patient 4 50 M Right Knee Arthroscopy & EUAa Advanced (bare bone) OA & candidate for joint replacement
Patient 5 71 M Left Knee Arthroscopy for torn medial meniscus Cartilage surface damage & cracked cartilage on tibial plateau
Patient 6 51 M Right ACL reconstruction  
Patient 7 45 M Left ACL reconstruction 2 previous failed ACL reconstructions & synovitis
Patient 8 39 M Left ACL reconstruction  
Normal Samples Age Sex  
Normal 1 78 M  
Normal 2 37 M
Normal 3 54 F
Normal 4 50 F
  1. a Examination under anaesthetic (EUA)