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Table 1 Global description of the medicinal plants tested

From: Antioxidant polyphenol-rich extracts from the medicinal plants Antirhea borbonica, Doratoxylon apetalum and Gouania mauritiana protect 3T3-L1 preadipocytes against H2O2, TNFα and LPS inflammatory mediators by regulating the expression of superoxide dismutase and NF-κB genes

Botanical name Family Voucher number Parts used
Gouania mauritiana a Rhamnaceae RUN-081E Leaf, stem
Lam. Subsp. mauritiana
Antirhea borbonica b Rubiaceae RUN-052 F Leaf, stem
J.F. Gmelin
Doratoxylon apetalum c Sapindaceae RUN-055E Leaf
(Poir.) Radlk
  1. Common names:
  2. a: Liane Montbrun.
  3. b: Bois d’Osto.
  4. c: Bois de gaulette.