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Table 4 Wilcoxon rank-sum test of delta neutrophils for before and after cardiopulmonary bypass in two groups of patients (based on baseline oral neutrophil count)

From: Oral neutrophils are an independent marker of the systemic inflammatory response after cardiac bypass

Comparison groups Median (IQR) p-value
Oral neutrophil counts T0≤1x106/μL Oral neutrophil counts T0≥1x106/μL
Oral swab T0:T1 1.6x105 (1.1x105 - 4.8x105) 1.9x106 (8.7x105 - 4.0x106) 0.0002
Oral swab T0:T2 5.4x104 (1.3x104 - 2.7x105) 2.7x105 (-1.3x105 - 7.0x105) 0.40
Oral swab T0:T3 3.6x104 (-3.9x104 - 1.7x105) -4.4x104 (-3.8x105 - 3.7x105) 0.90