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Table 1 Kinetic data for lysoPC inhibition of sPLA2 activity in plasma

From: Product inhibition of secreted phospholipase A2 may explain lysophosphatidylcholines' unexpected therapeutic properties

Plasma Treatment Vmax (nM/min/ml) Km (μM) R2 Ki ± s.e.m. (μM)
Vehicle 1296 33.24 0.9938  
Palmitoyl 684.7 16.12 0.9595 25.9 ± 4.0
Vehicle 1395 27.24 0.9413  
Stearoyl 669.2 11.26 0.928 34.2 ± 17.4
  1. Data from enzyme reactions of plasma samples containing lysoPC (20 μM) or vehicle. The reactions for each lysoPC–containing sample were run side by side with vehicle-containing samples and they were drawn from the same pool of plasma. In each case the lysoPC reduced both Km and Vmax showing the inhibition was uncompetitive. Average Ki values with s.e.m. were calculated as in previous studies from all reactions with substrates above 15 μM [23]. R2 = fit to Michaelis-Menten function.