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Table 2 Differentially expressed genes following Nurr1 overexpression. K4IM cells were transfected in triplicate using the Amaxa Nucleofector system for each of the 3 conditions: 1. 5 μg pcDNA3.1 blank vector (control); 2. 2.5 μg pcDNA3.1-Nurr1-WT (Nurr1 WT) and 2.5 μg pCDNA3.1 blank vector; 3. 2.5 μg pcDNA3.1-Nurr1-DN dominant negative (DN) co-transfected with 2.5 μg pCDNA3.1-Nurr1-WT (Nurr1 DN/Nurr1 WT). Cells were cultured for 16 hours prior to RNA extraction. Genes were identified from the Affymetrix U133A chip showing significant change between blank vector transfected synoviocytes and Nurr1 transfected K4IM cells (>2 fold) and for genes not significantly changed between blank vector and Nurr1 D/N transfected cells (with a p-value of < 0.01). In each case genes were manually selected that showed subsequent return to basal levels with dominant negative cotransfection.

From: Nurr1 dependent regulation of pro-inflammatory mediators in immortalised synovial fibroblasts

Official HUGO Symbol Description RefSeqN Id Fold change p-value
IL8 Interleukin 8 NM_000584 5.04 0.00047
AREG Amphiregulin (schwannoma-derived growth factor) NM_001657 2.80 0.00037
KITLG KIT ligand NM_000899 2.23 0.00390