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Figure 3 | Journal of Inflammation

Figure 3

From: Nurr1 dependent regulation of pro-inflammatory mediators in immortalised synovial fibroblasts

Figure 3

Effects on increased expression of Nurr1 on IL-8 release. 4 × 105 K4IM cells were transfected using the Amaxa Nucleofector with increasing amount of pCDNA3.1-Nurr1-WT, total amount of transfected DNA was 2 μg. Cell media was removed after 48 hour incubation and analysed for the amount of IL-8 present in the culture media using ELISA (R&D systems). Increased production of IL-8 protein secreted into the cell media was observed in a dose dependent manner with Nurr1 expression plasmid. Values expressed represent the mean concentration of IL-8 ± SEM.

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